Email Users v4.8.5-beta-4 available

This afternoon I posted beta-4 of Email Users v4.8.5.  This build adds some additional debug information to help chase down slow database queries.  When in debug mode, Email Users will now report information about the query like this:

<!-- email-users.php::1391 -->
<!-- email-users.php::1410 Query #1 Memory Usage: 15.75M -->
<!-- email-users.php::1415 Query #1 Execution: 0.30101704597473s / 301.01704597473ms -->
<!-- email-users.php::1410 Query #2 Memory Usage: 20M -->
<!-- email-users.php::1415 Query #2 Execution: 0.29001688957214s / 290.01688957214ms -->
<!-- email-users.php::1410 Query #3 Memory Usage: 24.5M -->
<!-- email-users.php::1415 Query #3 Execution: 0.201012134552s / 201.012134552ms -->
<!-- 1282 -->
<!-- email-users.php::1448 -->
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6 thoughts on “Email Users v4.8.5-beta-4 available

  1. Hi – Just wondering if there is a method to send a test copy of the email to the current user before sending it in bulk, and if not, if that’s something that might be in the works. Would be great to have a sanity check pre send. Thanks!

    • You can do two things:

      1. The plugin has a Test Message option on the Settings page which can be used to make sure the email subsystem is working correctly.
      2. You can select a single user and send them an email using the “Send to Users” option.
      • Thanks for the response Mike. This is a bit unwieldy in the real world right? I’d love to preview the email being sent before it actually goes out to a large list of useres, so it’d be great to have a one click button that send a test email to a set of address, with that field prefilled with the logged in user. Any thoughts on if that’s a feature you’d like to see or would be willing to add?

        • It sounds like you are asking for two things:

          1. Some sort of email preview capability.
          2. The ability to send a test message to a group or selection of users.

          Is that accurate? For the email preview what do actually envision? Do you want the email “pre-sent” to the sender so they can see what it looks like and if it is ok, be able to click on a “really send it this time” button or go back to editing it? For the send to group test – you can basically do this now but you have to add your own text to the test message. Maybe I have misunderstood what you are requesting.

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  3. Great tips!
    Even the comment from above is very useful

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