Email User 4.6.11-beta-2 available

This morning I posted beta-2 of Email Users 4.6.11.  This build addresses a bug with the Post Excerpt recently reported in the WordPress Support Forum.  I suspect this bug has been around for a long time.  Email Users was making a call to get_the_excerpt() which it turns out, should only be called within The Loop.  I have fixed this bug and and the plugin is now looking for the excerpt properly and more importantly, my test posts are behaving properly.

Please report any other issues and I will do my best to address this ASAP.  Since this is a pretty serious bug, I will likely release an update within a day or two if I don’t have any further bug reports.

Email Users Beta (8911 downloads )

8 thoughts on “Email User 4.6.11-beta-2 available

  1. Hi Mike,

    Great job with the plugin! I really love it!

    Ps. Im using wpmandrill to send emails, but i getting this error as you have described, wp_mail overloaded.

    Is it something I can do to fix so it will continue to send through wpmandrill…

    For notice im getting this message:
    Expected: /public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php
    Actual: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpmandrill/wpmandrill.php


    • Having an override for wp_mail() does automatically infer a problem. I put the check in to help users that are having odd behavior track down what the source might be. If the ManDrill implementation of wp_mail() works for you, there should be noi reason not to use it.

      • On the lines of mandrill support, it doesn’t support CC emails, so was wondering if you could add a override to allow us to never use BCC, always use ‘to’ field?

        Here is the note from wpmandrill:

        “Note that if you’re sending additional headers in your emails, the only valid headers are From:, Reply-To:, and X-*:. Bcc: is also valid, but Mandrill will send the blind carbon copy to only the first address, and the remaining will be silently discarded.”

        • If you set the BCC limit to 1 there is an option to use the TO fields insteasd of the BCC field – will that work?

          • Which version is that in?

          • I can’t recall when I added it but it was probably more than a year ago.

          • Hit send too early and don’t see a edit option, but I think you are referring to the BCC Limit setting of use 1 (use TO field). I think the issue with this is it makes a ton of mandrill calls instead of one and takes a long time to send emails to about 300 people. It does eventually complete so thats the workaround i’m using at the moment, but was hoping maybe a just straight to field could be added, maybe only allowed if you have mandrill installed?

          • Technically this is possible, the downside is the potential of people who don’t understand BCC vs CC vs TO using it and then blaming Email Users for it when their address list is exposed to all of their other users. Is ManDrill a paid plugin? It might make sense to only expose this if ManDrill is also installed and enabled.

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