Email Users v4.6.10-beta-6 available

Email Users v4.6.10 beta-6 is now available.  This update addresses a bug report in the Email Users support forum where using the Omit Display Name option resulted in a malformed emailed header.

I am still looking for some help and/or feedback on Base64 encoding.

Email Users Beta (10078 downloads )

3 thoughts on “Email Users v4.6.10-beta-6 available

  1. Hi Mike,

    Can’t get the plugin to work for Custom Group Metafilter. I also need the funtion to only send emails to users/members if meta_value is _something_. In my situation i need to filter if the user is a man or woman which is stored as a meta_value with a meta_key.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I downloaded and install the Email Users v4.6.10-beta-6. But when I add this to my themes functions,
    add_action( ‘mailusers_user_custom_meta_filter’, ‘first_name_alex’, 5 );

    function first_name_alex()
    mailusers_register_user_custom_meta_filter(‘First Name: Alex’, ‘first_name’, ‘Alex’);

    The wordpress breaks, only get blank page. I have to manually remove your plugin from the plugin folder to be able to access wp-admin again.

    I will be glad to pay you if you can help me with your plugin so I can mail my members with filter of meta value

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