WordPress Google Form v0.61 is out!

After a couple days of testing and five beta releases, I have released WordPress Google Form v0.61.  This build supports multiple instances of the same form on a single page.

Why would you do this?  It turns out, it is a fairly common request.  A number of people have uses of the same form where some of the fields are hidden and preset (both features were added fairly recently) which allows them to present the form in different ways with seeded input while allowing the user to complete the rest.  Because the form instances are all based on the same Google Form, they will have the exact same entry elements with the exact same attribute IDs.  HTML does not allow multiple elements to have the same ID attribute, the behavior is unpredictable.

To support this new feature, a new parameter, uid, has been added to the wpgform shortcode.  The uid parameter can be set to any string which is legal for an HTML element ID attribute.  When the Google Form is processed, all of the attributes are modified to include the uid parameter to ensure they each have a unique value.

[wpgform id='879' uid='B-']


This release also addresses some issues with missing CAPTCHAs which would happen under certain circumstances.  The jQuery generation is much cleaner now as well.

You can find this update in the WordPress plugin repository or on your WordPress Dashboard.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Google Form v0.61 is out!

  1. First time using your plugin. Cool idea.

    I have problems getting even the basic exchange to work (version tried: Version 0.62).

    I create a new form in Google Docs. With a single not-required text field. I clicked on “Add New Google Form”, supplied only one parameter, the url of the Google Form in the format: “https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aVDQRYHD…./viewform”. That added it to my list of forms under the Google Forms menu created by this plugin. I drop that on a Page or a Post as follows: [wpgform id=’139′]. Then publish the Page or Post.

    The forms render correctly but if I type in text into the form text field and submit, the associated spreadsheet shows no text. It does show a new entry for timestamp in the spreadsheet for each submit but no text.

    The way I discovered this was that I had a more complicated form with required fields that works perfectly well directly. However, through this plugin I kept getting this error: “Looks like you have a question or two that still needs attention.” Finally I reduced the complexity of the form all the way to a single text, non-required field to discover that the plugin wasn’t sending the field value … no wonder Google Form code was rejecting and sending an error for missing fields.

    From what I can tell, this is a widely used plugin so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong to not even have the basics work. The Page is here: http://goo.gl/595cHI and the original simple form is here http://goo.gl/P4PBWT with the spreadsheet here http://goo.gl/9te6Ja


  2. I’m having the same issue here – the form renders correctly, but it submits blank fields for everything but the timestamp to the google drive spreadsheet. It happened on both 0.61 and 0.62.

    This was previously submitting correctly the last time I checked it, but that was a couple months ago (the site’s been in development, and I moved on to other features once it was working).

    • I have worked with two users over the past couple of days to sort this problem out. I have a preliminary build available which has fixed the problem for both users. Can you try it on your site? You can find it and all of the details here.

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