Email-Users v4.5.0-beta-1 now available

I’ve been working on Email-Users this week and have added quite a bit of functionality.  Before I release it I’d like to get a few people put an early version through its paces so if you have a chance to test it out, please do so.

This new version has a number of new features:

  • All postboxes on the admin screens now have their own CSS ID and Class so they can be styled or easily hidden.
  • Email-Users now support integration with two User “Group” plugins:  User Groups and User Access Manager.  When you set up groups in either of these plugins you will be able to select them as recipients from the Group Email and Post/Page Notification pages.
  • Selection of Custom Filters as Group Recipients is no longer a separate action – it, along wit the Group support noted above, are all presented in the same target recipient selection list.  This allows the Custom Filters to work on Post/Page Notifications as well.
  • A new action has been introduced:  mailusers_update_custom_meta_filters  This action will allow for updating meta filters dynamically just prior to their use.  This is the best way to create complex meta filters or integrate other plugins.  There is a good example in the plugin README file.
  • Chinese language support has been contributed.
  • Integration panel added to the Plugin Settings Page.
  • Updated language support files which incorporate 20+ new strings.

A few other things were cleaned up while I was tinkering with the code as well.

Email Users Beta (8899 downloads )

I have also updated the sample plugin file I use to test Custom Meta Filters.  It has the full example of the “Public Works” example.

Email Users Custom List (6508 downloads )

26 thoughts on “Email-Users v4.5.0-beta-1 now available

  1. Mike, this is brilliant.

  2. Great work man, thanks a million!

  3. Hey Mike,
    I have an error when using this plugin. Only the Admin gets emails. I check recommended fixes for other versions of plugin and nada.
    wp_mail function works perfectly too, Any pointers?

    • I need some more details in order to help you out:

      1. What platform (Unix/Linux/Windows) are you running on?
      2. Are you using the Post/Page notification functionality or sending a User or Group email message?
      3. Are you a new Email-Users user and it has never worked or are you an existing Email-Users user and it was working previously?
      4. Have you changed anything else on your site? Theme? New plugin? Anything?
      5. What have you done so far as far as testing?
  4. Hi Mike.

    I use the ‘Groups’ plug-in by itthinx and was wondering if there were any plans to provide integration for this with Email Users? I’m sure there are many users out there who would find this useful. TIA

    • I believe this is the Groups plugin you are referring to. There are no plans as no one has ever asked for it before. Do you know how Groups stores it’s information? If it uses Usser Meta data then it would probably be fairly simple to code a small plugin to connect them together. There are some examples on my site of how to create custom meta filters. See this post which contains a download to an example plugin on how to extend Email Users to define custom filter groups. The Public Works example may be an idea you could leverage to define and update a custom meta value based on information in the Groups plugin.

      • Thanks very much for the prompt reply. That is indeed the plug-in I’m referring to. It seems it uses it’s own tables however, so it may not be quite so easy (that is, beyond me!) to achieve – PHP is not one of my strong points, I’m afraid. The ability to mail specific groups is a long-promised addition to this plug-in (Groups), but the author shows no sign of implementing it anytime soon. I was hoping to find another way round…thanks, anyway – and thanks for a very useful plug-in – much appreciated.

  5. At the risk of being a nuisance, did you ever find a moment to look at this possibility? I’ve poked around in the ‘examples’ section you talk about, but without too much success.

    • Can you refresh my memory on this? I think I lost track of it worrying about the BCC problem.

      • Sorry – an earlier poster had enquired about integration with the ‘Groups’ plug-in by itthinx. I use that too, and was wondering if you’d had any thoughts…?

        • I may have some time this weekend to take a look, I’ll see what I can do.

        • I have some basic stuff working but ran into something which isn’t clear in ItThinx Groups. I have posted a message on their support forum, hopefully they’ll respond soon.

          • That’s encouraging – many thanks for this – and all your work on this plug-in.

          • No response yet from ItThinx on my question but I have made some progress. I think there is a good chance I will have a beta release later today. Will you be able to test it?

          • Itthinx have another forum on their own site which seems slightly better monitored: In the meantime, i would be very happy to test your beta release and provide any feedback.

          • I didn’t get it finished today but I do have something running now. Before I push out a beta release I need to clean up some code. I am going to move all of the integration code for the various “Groups” plugins Email Users has integration without outside the core plugin code and only load it when it makes sense. I have this working for the ItThinx Groups plugin, need to do the same for User Groups and User Access Manager plugins.

          • That sounds really good – looking forwards to giving it a whirl!

          • Here’s my take on this: I’m running single-site WP 3.7.1, theme is twenty-ten – unmodified except for a bit of CSS. Plug-in installed without a hitch and I activated it with no problems. I checked in the email user settings, and my Itthink Groups plug-in was already listed and marked as ‘enabled’. I then sent a test message to a small group – just half a dozen recipients; again, this went without any problems and was received by all. I logged out as admin and logged back in as a normal user (i.e. someone without permission to use Email Users) Sure enough – I couldn’t!

            All in all, I can’t/couldn’t fault this – great work, Mike – and many thanks! If there’s any other aspect of this you’d like me to try out, just say the word.

          • Excellent news, thanks for testing it so quickly. If you could do a couple of other tests with your users – change their notification and mass email settings and make sure the right people receive email and the right people don’t that would be very helpful.

          • Certainly – I will let you know how it goes.

          • Mike – I have now tested this with every combination I can dream up and it is behaving flawlessly. The only thing I have not tested is using it with conditional/custom filters.

  6. Hello,

    I am Web Site Admin Officer for local Canadian Air Cadet Sqn in Canada. I am looking for WP Plugin that would allow me to setup many usergroups (ie: Flight #1, Flight #2, Drill Team, Band, Cadet Level 2…etc) and have our officers, flight commanders and level instructors to send out mass e-mail to any of our usergroups, But I have some questions.:

    (1) Can a cadet (user) be part of more than 1 usergroup?;

    (2) Does the plugin have a separate login for our wp site for cadets to register or are the cadets required to be registered and login in to wp;

    (3) Is there a way to have Cadet (users) to have their name and rank and position displayed so we know who is who in the user groups.

    Thank You
    Lance Benns
    Web Site Officer
    132 Spitfire Sqn

    • You should be able to do what you describe by using Email Users in conjunction with either the User Groups plugin or the Groups plugin. Both should do what you want to do. Email Users recognizes the groups defined by both of those plugins plus a couple of others.

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