WordPress Google Form v0.46-beta-13 available

This afternoon I uploaded WordPress Google Form v0.46-beta-13.  Yes, this is the 13th beta release of WordPress Google Form v0.46.  Why so many?  Mostly because made a significant change to Google Forms at about the same time I was introducing a major change to WordPress Google Forms.

This release adds a new feature – the ability to log form submissions.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  The next update will include some settings to control the log (on, off, entries per page, etc.)  but in this beta release, it is on and shows 10 entries per page.  There is a known bug in the pagination of the log file.  The URL to move between pages is wrong and I haven’t been able to determine how to add the CPT and page information which the URL requires to be valid.

Most importantly, this beta release addresses a major bug with multi-page Google Forms AND Google Forms with checkboxes that are created with the new version of Google Forms.  This functionality needs testing so please put it through its paces.

Google Forms Beta (14185 downloads )

12 thoughts on “WordPress Google Form v0.46-beta-13 available

    • Try adding the following to your Google Form custom CSS:
      /* Hide Bullets on Check Boxes */
      .ss-q-item-label li {
      list-style-type: none;

      /* Make text boxes wider */
      textarea.ss-q-long {
      width: 400px;

      As for the German, that is something Google is doing. In the older version of Google Forms you could specify the language as part of the URL using &hl=en (or the desired language equivalent). In the new version of Google Forms I have not found a way to set the language as parameter for the URL. What I have found is Google now has a setting in Google Docs which can be used as the default setting for all of your Google Docs. You can try changing that to English to see if it helps. I’ve seen this happen before and Google almost always sends Chinese characters instead of English (or the desired language), this is the first time I’ve seen German.

      • Thanks a lot Mike 🙂
        I actually found the custom CSS discussion after I submitted this. (sorry). I tried the hl=en option but like you said, that doesn’t work anymore. Weird thing is, all my google docs are set to English so is my whole google profile.

        And the text input field css was pretty much the only thing I need to adjust still.
        Thanks again!

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for putting such a great tool together. I seem to have the same issue as above with respect to bullets being displayed in my survey options. Tried the code above with no luck. Any thoughts: http://dev.greyship.com/kio/blog/?page_id=334

    In addition is there a way to hide the footer at the bottom of each page with the powered by google text?

    Thanks for your help!


    • I’d be happy to look at it but the URL you provided is generating a 404 error.

      I was looking at some forms earlier today and it appears that in addition to changing how Google Forms work, the CSS structure has changed as well. I’ll need to update the default CSS I provide with WordPress Google Form to be compatible with the new version.

  2. Hi Mike – seems someone had hidden the page. It should work now. http://dev.greyship.com/kio/blog/?page_id=334

    I would like to add a progress bar at the top of each page of the form. I was hoping to do this through wordpress. Guessing by using your plugin I am unable to edit the forms as I don’t have access to the code, right?

    Is there anyway to copy the source code from a multipage form into a wordpress site so I can have more control on adding other elements?

    Thanks for the help!


    • I still get a 404 when I visit the page …

      There is no way to add a progress bar right now (but I’ll think about it while I am at the gym this morning). The plugin basically retrieves the HTML from Google, does some minor manipulation to the HTML and renders it as part of the WordPress page rendering process. It does not store the code locally for later use which is what would be needed to manipulate it as you suggest. All editing of the form is done on the Google Docs side of things.

      One challenge of a progress bar is the plugin has no idea how many pages there on a multi-page form. The way Google implements them each page is effectively a separate form and when you submit it, you either get the previous page (from going back) or the next page (from going forward) until you reach the end. Too the plugin, each page is nothing more than a response from Google that contains HTML and that HTML may or may not contain form elements.

  3. Just some additional information Mike. Nothing helped to try to fix the language issue. It must be plugin related since checking the form in drive shows all in English. Also plain embedding it with the google code works and nothing is displayed in German, either.

    Everything in wordpress and in my google settings is set to English. I am at a total loss where the hell it takes the German from.

    • I don’t believe it is a plugin issue but I am not sure how to fix it on the Google side either. On the WordPress Support Forum there is a similar thread regarding a user who has a form with Chinese buttons. On their site the form show buttons in Chinese but on my site the form shows the buttons in English. I didn’t do anything on my site but embed their form URL using the gform short code. If you can provide me your form URL I will try the same experiment with your site (see my email).

  4. Have the same language issues as described above. My Google docs is in Croatian but I get additional text in German. Please help – http://www.roxkin.com/info/narudzba/
    It just crossed my mind, could it be that the plugin picks up some type of server info, picking it up as in Germany and automatically adding text in German? http://who.is/dns/roxkin.com

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