Email-Users v4.4.1-beta-5 now available

This morning I updated the beta version of Email Users 4.4.1 to beta-5.  This version updates a number of the links within the plugin which referred to the old plugin home page on which are no longer in existance.

I hope this is the final beta release before 4.4.1 goes out.  All I am waiting for is some updates to language translation files.

Email Users Custom List (6736 downloads )

Please download and test the beta release.  Report back any issues and I’ll do what I can to fix them quickly.

Email Users Beta (9946 downloads )

4 thoughts on “Email-Users v4.4.1-beta-5 now available

  1. Hi Mike,

    I am not sure how to get this to you. I closed the support messages under PHPHTMLLIB. I resolved what I needed for flipturn menu items Where I have an open question is the user logged information. This is not changing or not getting triggered.

    The only problem I am having now is that the LOGIN feature on the reports (flipturn) will not allow my admin to login. I would like to have this function so I can load results on the front end too.

    I am having the issue where the admin menu shows me as admin logged in this does not carry over to the flipturn configuration and menus.

    The top of the content body area shows Guest and the login in link – then password is not read using the WP user database table to reset the the name guest with admin at the top and it does not. Or if the login function is not recognizing the function to check the WP-USER table to see if it is the admin person password.

    Seems that the config is only setup for the flipturn directories and are overriding the WP directories setup by that configuration. Is there a way to have both to have all folders searched for the PHP?

    Any ideas on how to get this to integrate better with WP and user login information to display on FT.

    Thanks for your help.

    • I apologize for the delayed response – been very busy at work these last few weeks.

      Flip-Turn is/was a prototype of a stand-alone solution for managing results. While it shared some code with my WordPress plugin, it was essentially a fork of wp-SwimTeam’s SDIF code so I could play around with a results management model without mucking up wp-SwimTeam. There really isn’t any user login management. There is a basic password in the config file which you can change but there isn’t any sort of connection with the WordPress user system nor any other.

      My intention was to take what I learned with Flip-Turn and integrate it into wp-SwimTeam. Unfortunately it has always been a matter of priorities and time management and other things our swim team needed more got worked on first. Last season I did a bunch of work on Hy-tek integration because that is what was most important.

      If you want to run Flip-Turn on your web site I would probably set up a separate sub-domain for it and leave WordPress running on your main site. Trying to run both under the same URL will likely lead to problems. Setting up Flip-Turn as a stand-alone web application is how I currently have the demo version running.

      Hope that helps – if you want to speak directly let me know and I can move the discussion to email.

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