Email-Users 4.4.1 finally released

This morning I incorporated the updated French language files and released Email-Users 4.4.1.  This release fixes a number of issues people were having and introduces new functionality (via filters) to target specific groups of users based on their User Meta Data.

Here is a list of the key changes for this release:

  • Added German translation files (thank you Tobias Bechtold).
  • Fixed bug in Send to Groups where number of users receiving email was wrong.
  • Added internationalization support to Send to Group status messages.
  • Added support for sending email to users based on a custom meta filter.
  • Added support for sending email to groups based on a custom meta filter.
  • Added suppport for providing a bounce email address.
  • Fixed bug in Options form which prevented translation of strings.
  • Added support for defining email group meta filters based on meta key.
  • Implemented solution from @maximinime to fix lost Email-Users settings.
  • Removed invalid references to Marvin Labs.
  • Fixed bug where Post Excerpt wasn’t being used in email when present.
  • Updated French and Spanish language files.

Thanks to all of the people who have tested the various beta releases and provided the language file updates.  The WordPress Plugin Repository has been updated and the update should appear on  your WordPress Dashboard soon.