Need to rename Calendar-Plus

When I first created Calendar-Plus I had hoped it was a short lived project that would either get rolled into the Calendar plugin or deprecated by a new release. Unfortunately neither has happened and it continues to live on. Because I didn’t expect it to last long, I never put it into the WordPress plugin repository.  I probably should have done that.

There is now a plugin in the repository called Calendar-Plus which results in a name conflict and the automatic upgrade system thinks mine is out of date.  I should have put my code in the repository but I didn’t so I can’t think of a good way to resolve this other than to change the name and put the code into the repository.

So that is what I plan to do. But I am not sure what to call it.

  1. Calendar-Enhanced?
  2. Enhanced-Calendar?
  3. Calendar-MW?
  4. Calendar-Plus-Plus?

I am leaning toward #2 as it is close to the description I used when I wrote it.