wp-SwimTeam Forum

Today I set up a Simple:Press forum for wp-SwimTeam.  You can find it on the Forum page.  The intent of the forum is to offer a single place for people to ask questions and get assistance for wp-SwimTeam as opposed to sending me e-mail (which is still ok).  The main benefit of using the forum is other people can see the questions and answers and may find a solution to their problem quickly.  Feel free to register and post, I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

wp-SwimTeam v0.0.313

wp-SwimTeam v0.0.313 is now available from the download page.


This update adds new reporting functionality for both swimmers and parents.  Full details for a swimmer, including their primary and secondary contact, can be generated.  Output of HTML (in a web page) reports is now supported.

Bug Fixes

This update fixes a problem with the Update Swimmer function which resulted in the form being displayed again after a save but only when nothing was changed.