New wp-SwimTeam support forum

This evening I installed the Simple:Press forum plugin. This forum should be used for questions, bug reports, and anything else related to wp-SwimTeam. I will try and add some information on installing and configuring wp-SwimTeam soon but I am also considering adding a Wiki for documentation. Click on the Forum tab along the top of the page to access the forum.

wp-SwimTeam Forum

Today I set up a Simple:Press forum for wp-SwimTeam.  You can find it on the Forum page.  The intent of the forum is to offer a single place for people to ask questions and get assistance for wp-SwimTeam as opposed to sending me e-mail (which is still ok).  The main benefit of using the forum is other people can see the questions and answers and may find a solution to their problem quickly.  Feel free to register and post, I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.