Finally Finished Brisingr

It took me a little longer than normal, actually a lot longer than normal, to finish Brisingr, but I did finally finish it last night.  Typically when I read a book, I read it very quickly, staying up late or getting up early.  I have been wrapped up in our battle with the Wake County School Board’s Reassignment plan which moved our high school so I have actually haven’t done much reading except on the days I go to the gym and use the elliptical machine, usually twice a week.  It takes a while to read a book when you only spend 45 minutes reading it a couple times a week!

So I finally finished it and it was a bit of a let down because the story doesn’t end!  About 100 pages from the end I figured it couldn’t end because the story would have to wrap up really quickly which would have been a real disservice to the story.  So I would rather it flow into a fourth book than have a rushed ending.

There was a quite a bit of character development for Eragon’s brother which should be interesting as it appears he will be a central figure to the conclusion of the story.  This book is a less tedious read than the second book (Eldest), much of which took place with the elves and thus had lots of odd words which can be tedious to read.

If you have enjoyed the first two books you’ll like this one too but it would have been nice to know ahead of time that the story wouldn’t end in this book.

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