Need a new approach for Event Ordering

After getting the Portlet drag and drop working, or so I thought, it looks like I am going to have to abandon that approach.  It turns out the drag and drop works just find – it does what it is supposed to.  However, getting the new arrangement information so it can be sent back to the server as an Ajax post does not.  I am unable to get any sort of serialization to work and even the Portlet example indicates it is obsolete and references jQuery UI.

I have subsequently found a jQuery based Table Drag-and-Drop solution which looks like it will do what I want.  I am now in the process of implementing this in hopes that it will be a little easier to work with.  Stay tuned …

A tale of two 9's

I played at MDCC yesterday with Dr. Bob and two other Dad’s from our Y-Princess tribe.  It was a tale of two 9’s me.  I shot 43 on the front nine and hit the ball well.  I actually hit the flag with my tee shot on #8 and got a Sergio bounce out it – the ball rolled back about 40 feet!  We took about an hour break between 9’s – long story – two of the guys had to attend a school program in the middle of our round so we took a break for lunch and watied for them to get back.  Unfortunately I lost all my rythm and shot 51 on the back and it was a bad 51.  I think I only had two decent drives oh the back 9.  Once again, I was unable to close when I had a good chance to break 90.  I’m playing again on Friday, we’ll see if I can do a little better.