Progress on Meet Events

Saturday morning I had a little time to work on wp-SwimTeam and started working on managing events for a particular swim meet.  As I had noted in another post, the idea is to import a set of standard events and then tweak them.

For the most part I have it working but now it needs some clean up.  The way WordPress loads up pages means you have to monitor the URL if you need to append GET values to control the flow for the user.  I had to work this out when I implemented to tabbed UI and now will have to do something similar for meet events.  Right now the meet id gets appended to the URI and by repeating a set of actions as you modify meet events, it can end up repeated N number of times.  Once I get that worked out, I think I will be ready to import meet results.

Fog on the lake this morning

We had a very cool evening (about 35 degrees) last night so when I drove to work this morning, the fog over Lake MacGregorIMG_0228 was pretty thick.  I stopped and took this picture.  It was taken with my daughter’s Canon Powershot A530 which is an older camera 5MP that she isn’t using any more.  I thought it was broken but went ahead and put some batteries in it and it works fine so I have kept in my car for about a week now.  It isn’t anything special but it is handy to have something on hand to take pictures like this.