Huh? How’d I miss WordCamp Raleigh?

I was perusing some WordPress feeds I follow this morning and was reading an article about recent debate on where Custom Post Types should live (plugin or theme – for the record, I am on the side that CPTs should reside in a plugin for the same reasons the article points out) on when I saw a mention that the debate originated at WordCamp Raleigh.

A WordCamp here in Raleigh?  How did I miss that?  Unlike many weekends where I am out an about with soccer, basketball, lacrosse or the like, I was around this weekend.  I couldn’t have gone to the whole thing but the venue for WordCamp Raleigh is maybe 15 minutes from my house.

Bummer – I really would have liked to have attended a couple of the sessions, in particular Using AJAX in your Plugins, Using Git with WordPress and a couple of others.

Maybe next year …