wp-SwimTeam v0.1.450 now available

This morning I completed phase 1 of some new functionality that I have referred to as “Global Update”.  The Global Update functionality allows all of the Optional Swimmer Fields that have been defined to be changed in mass from their current value to another value.

If you are using an Optional Swimmer Field (OSF) to track something like “Fees Paid” as a “Yes-No” field, you can use the new Global Update to reset them all to the “No” state.  This functionality may be applied to Optional User Fiends (UOU) as well but right now it is limited to only OSF fields.  Additionally, the “Results” field currently is displayed but changing it has no effect.

There are a few other changes that I fixed as I run into things and I also fixed the situation with the Swim Team Profile labels Michael Hale ran into recently.  The issue there was if the label was only numeric it was invalid HTML for the field name.  There is now a check to ensure that whatever text is specified for the label will now be valid for an HTML attribute.

This version also changes how the Status field is determined.  It is now derived based on the Active Season.  There is an issue sorting on the Status field on the All Swimmers tab so it is currently disabled.

You can find v0.1.450 on the Download page.  I strongly recommend backing up your database before installing this version.