My MGB is running again!

I have a 1967 MGB which while not in very good shape, runs pretty well most of the time.  However, it has a spot on the fly wheel where it is missing a tooth and every once in a while, the fly wheel stops right where the missing tooth lines up with the starter motor.  When this happens, the starter motor gets stuck in the fly wheel and the car won’t start.

Fixing this problem is usually as simple as putting a 7/16 inch wrench on the square not on the end of the starter motor and giving it a nudge.  The starter motor will release and the car will usually start right away.  There have only been a few times where it really got stuck where it took me a while to get it unstuck.

A few months ago I had some work done on it and had the starter replaced and now when this happens, getting it unstuck is a little harder.  The two times it has happened, I have had to get under the car to get enough leverage on the starter bolt.  The last time it happened, I didn’t have time to fix it so I let it sit.  It ended up sitting about 2 months!  We did some work int he garage last weekend and threw a lot of stuff away.  If my car doesn’t move for a while, it becomes a place to set things down so after a couple months, all kinds of stuff was piled on top it.

Once we did some cleaning and most of the stuff was off the car,  I decided to crawl under it and get it running.  Once I got the start freed from the fly wheel it started right up.  It is a fun car to drive, now that it is running, I will start using to run errands again.