WordPress Google Forms v0.94-beta-1 available

I have just posted a beta build (v0.94-beta-1) of WordPress Google Forms.  This build introduces a new solution for calculating the CAPTCHA.  There have been a number of concerns about the use of the PHP eval() function and recently, an alternate solution has been posted to the WordPress Support Forum.  I have adapted the proposed solution to the plugin.

This build also addresses a concern about possible security issue with the user-agent string stored when logging submissions.  It is technically possible for a malicious user to encode the user agent string with malicious code.  This update ensures that data is sanitized before storing and presenting it.

Google Forms Beta (364 downloads)

3 thoughts on “WordPress Google Forms v0.94-beta-1 available

  1. Why does the following line appear at the end of the form? /static/forms/client/js/171451551-formviewer_prd.js
    Can you prevent it from appearing?

    • I am not sure why that that text appears on some sites but not on others. It seems to be theme dependent. Fortunately there is a way to address it. On the Google Forms Advanced Options setting (Dashboard > Settings > Google Forms – Advanced Options tab) look for the checkbox at the top of the page labeled “HTML Filtering” and uncheck it. The text you describe should disappear.

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