Email Users 4.8.2-beta-2 Available

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated Email Users.  There have been a couple of enhancement requests that I’ve wanted to add and some deprecated notices I wanted to resolve.

Email Users 4.8.2-beta-2 adds the following:

  • Custom Header (similar to the custom footer which has been part of the plugin for a while).
  • Control over customer header and footer usage.  Each can be applied to Notifications, User and Group Emails, or both.
  • Ability to remove the “Notify Users about this Post/Page” on the Post/Page editing screen.
  • All references to get_currentuserinfo() have been updated.  The get_currentuserinfo() API function has been deprecated for a while but WordPress 4.5 issues a strong warning on the Dashboard about it so it was time to resolve it.

Please report any issues and I’ll do my best to get them fixed quickly and get this release out.

Email Users Beta (16519 downloads )

2 thoughts on “Email Users 4.8.2-beta-2 Available

  1. One issue, Is there anyway to prevent all users except administrators from sending emails and preventing the link from showing on a buddypress user dashboard?

    • In standard WordPress there is a setting (Dashboard > Settings > Email Users) which shows or hides the ability for a user to control their own email users settings as part of the standard WordPress user profile. As for the ability to send email, that is controlled through WordPress roles. There is a section on the Settings page which describes the capabilities. Be default a standard user can send email any other user (1:1) but cannot send group emails nor post/page notifications. As for BuddyPress and how it is different from standard WordPress, I don’t know as I am not a BuddyPress user.

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