Swim Team v1.42 is finally out

Yesterday I finally released Swim Team v1.42.  With almost 50 downloads of the beta and no problems reported, I figured it was as tested as it was going to get!  Some of the fixes and enhancements include:

  • Added checking and error messages for creation of temporary files used during export (CSV, HY3, SD3, RE1).
  • Added support for Event Number suffixes.
  • Added support for Transients as temporary storage when exporting data or generating reports.
  • Major change to how files are included to better support newer versions of PHP. The PHP include_path is no longer modified nor assumed.
  • Fixed bug in MyJobs which appears when no active season is designated.

Functionally this release is identical to v1.42-beta-8.  You can find the update in the WordPress plugin repository or as an update on your Dashboard.

4 thoughts on “Swim Team v1.42 is finally out

  1. Does your plugin support Galas?

    • I am not familiar with Galas, what is it?

        • From the Wikipedia article you linked to it certainly sounds like a Gala is pretty much the same as a swim meet with unusual events. Growing up my sisters swam in something called a “Relay Carnival” which was a big swim meet with nothing but relays. Some were the typical freestyle and medley relays but others were mixed gender, multi age group, or single stroke relays. The plugin doesn’t really care what your even is as long as you can define it using the user interface. I suspect you could end up with invalid HY3 or SD3 files if you define a butterfly relay but I don’t think it would break the plugin.

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