Google Forms v0.66 available

This evening I released v0.66 of Google Forms.  This version fixes two major issues:

  1. The conflict with WordPress SEO has been resolved.  The implemented solution will likely be replaced with something which runs less frequently.  However, the solution implemented in v0.66 should make sites running both Google Forms and WordPress SEO a little happier.
  2. Due to a bug, all form submissions have been logged regardless of the plugin setting.

You can find the update on the WordPress plugin repository or on your Dashboard.

6 thoughts on “Google Forms v0.66 available

  1. I recently received an email notification of a form submission through my site, but I can’t find the data from the form submission anywhere. When I ran the plugin update, my form disappeared altogether. Help?

    • The data from the form will be stored in the Google Docs spreadsheet associated with your Google Form. The actual form data submitted by the user is not stored anywhere within WordPress. The plugin update does not add nor delete forms. It does update the post content of the form when using the Custom Post Type implementation. If you look at the list of Google Forms on the Dashboard, is your form listed?

  2. Someone apparently submitted a form on my site, but I can’t find anywhere the data was logged, and now the log entry as well as my entire form have disappeared from my site (post update)

    • I need some more details – where did the form disappear from? The frontend (post, page, etc.) of you site or from the list of forms under the Google Forms menu on the Dashboard?

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