wp-SwimTeam v1.40-beta-2 now available

I have just posted wp-SwimTeam v1.40-beta-2.  This update fixes the problem where adding age groups generates an error.  The error only happened when using swimmer numbers that didn’t include a prefix (e.g. Simple Numeric sequence or USA Swimming format).

wp-SwimTeam Beta (4082 downloads )

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  1. The only 2 issues I’ve run into is the icon alert triangle showing up broken and in my combined event record our league sets it up as minimum age 0 and maximum age 0, but it won’t allow me to create an age group with those parameters…otherwise it looks to be working great! Thanks.

    • How can and age group have a minimum and maximum age group both set to zero? That doesn’t make any sense and I don’t think you’ll end up with any swimmers eligible for events which use that age group. Am I missing something? With respect to broken icons, something doesn’t sound right as the icons actually come from the phpHtmlLib plugin which hasn’t changed in a long time.

  2. Update…all of my graphic links in the plugin appear to have been disabled and appear broken

  3. Sorry, it’s been a little while in responding…I wasn’t notified of a response and took a break with the holiday

    I’ve attached 3 screenshots…I don’t setup the Hytek files it’s setup by the Meet Admin, but for some reason that’s how it’s either, A. setup by them or B. how it’s converted in Hytek

    No graphics

    Event 59 is the hiccup since it’s a “Scotch” event

    Screen Shot of Form Errors:

    Would you like me to send you a copy of the hytek file with the scotch event so you can check it out and play with it?m

    • If you want to send the file, you can send it to me at mpwalsh8 at gmail dot com. However, looking at the screenshot of the file content, the error you’re seeing is consistent with the information in the file. The file shows the minimum and maximum ages both as “0” which doesn’t make any sense. Can you clarify what you mean by a “scotch” event? I assume it to mean it is a mixed gender and mixed age event. Is that correct? If so, it still would need a minimum and maximum age range.

  4. I may have missed it as well, but is there somewhere I can enter results and then display them to a static webpage? or enter swimmer’s name in search or drop down to display results? I know I’m probably asking for too much, but appreciate any assistance that can be given!

    Thanks, again!

    • You’re not missing it, results import doesn’t exist yet. It is a gap that I haven’t gotten to yet. What our team did was export results as PDF files and post them on our site. Alternatively, a couple teams are using another project I played around with that I called “Flip-Turn”. It is a stand-alone results import and navigation application written in PHP. You can see a demo here. This project does not integrate with WordPress in its current state however I had planned to use a bunch of the code when I finally do add results import capability.

  5. Hi Mike, Does your plugin ready to have up to 10000 entries like swimmers?
    I see it’s well coded and db seems to be well done, but need to know, HAve a big comunity groing and need to know if I can use your plugin. Which I didn’t tested completely yet (see other comment for register login ;)) Thanks

    • I have no idea if it will scale up that high. If you want to set up a test site, I have a small plugin that will create random users (parents) and swimmers and register them for the active season. You could probably modify it to generate the number of users and swimmers you’re talking about see if performance scales acceptably.

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