My Thematic project is progressing

The more I play with Thematic, the more I like it.  I have been working on a Thematic child theme for a few weeks now.  I have the basic functionality up and running (see  I still need to do some tweaking to clean up a few things (e.g. I want the post date formatted like a small calendar box) but for the most part, I am pretty happy with what I have.

I’ve been playing with CSS3 drop shadow and gradient features – they work fine with Chrome and Firefox.  I have not tested with Safari but the BODY tag gradient doesn’t seem to work on IE.  I am speculating that i have an error somewhere but haven’t chased it down yet as I find it hard to believe IE would implement gradient support for some tags but not others.

I am planning on reusing the custom header code I developed for my Sandbox-LEGO theme as the Dashboard part of it should work with minimal changes leaving me with just some work to do on the header.php file.  The code I did for the Sandbox-LEGO theme allows a user to choose a left, center, and/or right header image from their existing media library and add some CSS overrides to tweak placement.

The integration with Google Calendar is working pretty well, I think it is the right call for this sort of site.  It will be easy for people to add events to the appropriate Google Calendar and have them reflected on the site.  I may look into some jQuery to dink with the GCal style as I still would like the calendar to better integrate with the theme.

The theme color scheme (skin) is currently hard coded for the GoLufkin site but ultimately choosing a color scheme will be possible through the theme options panel.