DocBook to PDF?

I spent some time this afternoon writing some content in DocBook format using a tool called XMLmind XML Editor. I am using the free Personal Edition. I like the editor, it was quick to learn and works as advertized. After writing a couple pages I decided to see how it looked as a PDF file.

It turns out that turning DocBook into PDF isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I have yet to find a good solution.  I may have to buy the full version of XMLeditor.

5 thoughts on “DocBook to PDF?

  1. Mike, see if there is a XSLTransformer for Windows. (Assuming you are Windows centric, I’m Mac/Linux centric)
    The DocBook is well published as you know, and being that’s XML there are many resources/ways to convert XML to PDF (or HTML or anything really) using XSL Transforms.
    Find out more here:

    If all of that is too overwhelming and XMLMind does a good job at a reasonable price you may be more comfortable with that solution.

  2. Furthermore…. I think OpenOffice 3.0 can read and write DocBook (just have to load a DocBook Style) and it has good PDF output capbabilities. Its Open Source/Free as well.

  3. I run mostly Windows but use Linux as well. All of my early release WordPress testing (e.g. 3.0) is done on Linux. If you know of a good DocBook to PDF converter that runs under Linux, I am not adverse to going that router. When I generate the documentation for phpHtmlLib, I have to run it under Linux so I am already doing something similar.

  4. @Mike Walsh
    It turns out that under RedHat Linux, which is what I am running, there is a command called “xmlto” which takes a number of arguments, one of which is “pdf”. The result is a nice PDF file. I’ll continue to play with this but it looks like I have a solution.

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