wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 – Meet Report Shortcode

I posted wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 this afternoon to the download page.  This update adds new functionality and fixes a few minor things which have bothered me as I found them during the season.

The big new feature is a new shortcode – wpst_meet_report.  This shortcode allows a the contents of a meet report to appear in a post or a page like this example on the wp-SwimTeam demo site.

The reports also now support hiding first and last names by only showing the initial as well as the ability to override the first name with a nickname if the swimmer’s profile has one.  The missing ability to display a map on the swim meet report has been added so the checkbox on the form is now enabled.  The reports can now display opt-in and opt-out information chronologically in the order they were added to the system as well as the previously available by name and by swimmer label.

2 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 – Meet Report Shortcode

  1. I’ve been wondering if I’m doing more than I need to with the Google Maps URL. Currently for me to add a club I have to enter all the information (including an Address) and add a Google Maps URL.
    If I do not enter a Google Maps URL and I do have an Address, couldn’t the Google Maps URL be automatically generated in the [wpst_meet_report] shortcode? I’m not familiar with the Google API but from a manual entry perspective I’m really entering the same data on a form, then copying that data and entering it into Google Maps search box, then clicking Link and copying the IM/Email link.

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