wp-SwimTeam v0.0.326 available

This afternoon I posted a new version of the wp-SwimTeam plugin to the download page.  This update adds new functionality to the swimmer registration process.  There is also the initial stages of registration fees.  You can define what the registration fee is globally and then override it at the age group level.  There is no support currently for a family discount.


If your team has Terms of Use (aka Rules and Regulations) and/or Billing information posted on your web site, you can add the URL(s) to the Registration Options and the link(s) will be displayed on the Registration Form and the user will be required to acknowledge the information via a Check Box.  The MacDolphins needed this for billing purposes.

The other new feature is the addition of e-mail confirmation of registration (and unregistration).  The person performing the action is sent an e-mail as is the list of e-mail addresses set up on the Registration Options tab.

Bug Fixes

A couple of minor form layout items were fixed in this build, nothing of major significance.