Back to work on the plugin …

I am back working on the plugin after almost a three week hiatus.  I went to Japan on vacation for 10 days so the time leading up to our trip and the week or so afterward were both busy getting ready to be gone from work and dealing being gone from work.  Japan was great and we had a wonderful time.

Now that I am back, I am working on the plugin again.  I have a April 14th deadline of sorts as that is the day our swim team registration ocurrs.  Most of what is necessary for registration is already working so I think I am ok but I really want to nail down this Hy-Tek import stuff.  I found a few bugs in the roster and profile code from when touching the data as an admin but now that those bugs are sorted out, I can truly focus on the export function.

In the time I have been gone, WordPress has released verion 2.5 which is a fairly significant change.  I think I will wait to deal with upgrading WordPress until after I work out the export function.