Google moves Form Downgrade Option

Google has moved the “Running Man” icon which I had been recommending to downgrade a new Google Form to the prior version required by the Google Forms plugin.  Initially it looked like Google had removed the option which I was worried about.  The option to downgrade a form is now in the lower right hand corner for the form editor under the question mark (?) icon.


20 thoughts on “Google moves Form Downgrade Option

  1. Thanks for all of your hard work on this plug in Mike. Any update on the possibility of a version of the plugin that will work with the new Google Forms?

    • I spent some time looking at it a couple months back and didn’t have any great ideas. I am afraid what Google has done will require a pretty substantial re-write and I am still not sure it is technically possible.

      • Mike, so we need to remove the plugin from our website or is a new update coming that will work with the new google forms?

        • You should get an Upgrade Notice on the Dashboard now that the plugin has been listed in again. It had been withdrawn due to a security concern which took me a while to fix. The fix was approved a couple days ago so normal plugin updates should resume. The current version is v0.91 as of 1/25/2017.

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  3. When I click on the question mark that option doesn’t appear. Any ideas?

    • No, I would have to see it. Is the form already downgraded?

      • I’m not sure. I created it about 6 months ago. When I open the page I made with the google forms plugin I get a 404 message. So I put the shortlink in another page and the text of the form appears but you can’t click on the next button and it says “javascript isn’t enabled for this browser”. Both of the browsers I’m using have javascript enabled (firefox and chome) and I still get that message. If you want to see screenshots I can email them to you.

    • The plugin does not support the new version of Google Forms. You will have to “downgrade” your form in order for the plugin to work properly.

      • Looks like Google removed this option again. I don’t see the “Back to old Form” option.

        • No, it is still there. I just created a form from scratch and tried it. There is a question mark (?) in the lower right hand corner of the screen when editing the form. If you click on the question mark one of the choices (the bottom one on the list) is “Back to the old Forms”.

          • Hi! I think it’s disabled for certain accounts… The menu item is hidden for me as well. But it is still in the HTML.

          • I guess it is possible. I just created a form with a Google Apps account I have and it worked fine. I have not tried doing it from another country though. Should have done that when I was in Taiwan last week.

  4. Just a note – I noticed the “Back to the Old Forms” was grayed out for me. I had selected to collect email addresses, when I remove this requirement, I was able to select “Back to the Old Forms”.

    • That is a good tip to know, thank you for posting it.

      • I do not have collect email addresses selected in the settings but “back to old forms” is still grayed out. And the new form does not allow for advancing to the next page on my wordpress site. Please help

        • If the Back to Old Forms is still greyed out then it likely means you’re using a widget or entry form which wasn’t supported in the old version of Google Forms. Try create a very new form which is simple, one or two basic text entries and make sure it works correctly (downgrade, work with plugin, etc.). Once you’ve verified it is working, add the fields using Old Forms until you’ve got all your fields defined.

    • Very good tip, thank you!

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