Sandbox Swim Team Theme

The Sandbox Swim Team theme is a three column widget ready built on the Sandbox Theme but is not a child theme.

The Sandbox Swim Team theme defines a number of widget sidebars which can be used to customize the implementation. The theme also offers a choice of color schemes and custom header images and styling. Display of the logo is controlled via the Theme Options setting. The Theme Options also allow for customizing the page header through several image settings and CSS overrides. The sponsor widget area is only displayed on the ‘home’ page.



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Plugin Support

The Sandbox-SwimTeam theme includes support (mostly CSS styling to integrate the plugin with the CASL Soccer theme) for and/or is tested with the following WordPress plugins:

Sample Web Sites


3/15/2012 – 3.1 release
  • Fixed a number of CSS bugs on the login page.
2/28/2012 – 3.0 release
  • Incorporated version 1.6.2 of Sandbox – this appears to be the final update for Sandbox.  The original author hasn’t updated it in almost three years.  The theme team has the latest version of it but it also appears they’re done updating it as well.
  • Numerous patches to Sandbox to eliminate WordPress deprecated function notices and PHP 5.x warnings.
  • Support for WordPress Navigation Menus!!!  This is a big one.  The theme will still support the old page navigation model if a new menu hasn’t been defined.
  • Lots of CSS clean up. In particular there were issues on the custom login page and with the WordPress Menu bar.
  • New smaller background image sizes.  The new images are the same five colors but the pattern is tighter – it looks a little different when tiled.
  • Support for the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI which is now bundled with WordPress and no longer needs to be bundled with the theme or loaded from an external source.
  • Important:  You will need to re-enter your theme settings!  The way theme settings are stored is different from the original implementation and there is much more checking done now.  The theme now properly  uses the WordPress Settings API.
3/9/2010 – 1.0 release
  • Initial release.  Much of the theme was derived from the Sandbox LEGO theme and the CASL Soccer theme.  New features include a custom login page and support for a custom image on the login page and breadcrumb navigation.

9 thoughts on “Sandbox Swim Team Theme

  1. I plan to post another update later today as I realized I never updated the screen shot. When the theme is installed, the theme thumbnail on the Dashboard will show the Sandbox LEGO Theme. It will work correctly once activated, just the screenshot is incorrect.

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  7. Does the theme support RTL languages ?

    • The theme is based on Sandbox which does support RTL however WordPress has changed so much since Sandbox was released that I can’t really recommend using it any longer. It still works but doesn’t support from newer WordPress features and it looks a bit dated.

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