CASL Soccer Theme

CASL (Capital Area Soccer League – Raleigh, NC) theme for Recreational, Challenge, Classic, and YTS teams. The CASL Soccer theme is a three column widget ready built on the Sandbox Theme but is not a child theme.

The CASL Soccer theme is a three column widget ready theme.  The theme defines a number of widget sidebars which can be used to customize the implementation.  The theme also offers CASL logos for Recreational, Challenge, Classic, YTS, Ambassadors, and the traditional CASL league logo.  Display of the logo is controlled via the Theme Options setting.  The Theme Options also allow for customizing the page header through several image settings and CSS overrides.  The sponsor widget area is only displayed on the ‘home’ page.



Plugin Support

The CASL Soccer theme includes support (mostly CSS styling to integrate the plugin with the CASL Soccer theme) for and/or is tested with the following WordPress plugins:

Sample Web Sites


12/23/2009 – 1.2 release
  • Support for the Event Calendar 3 plugin has been dropped.   EC3 was causing conflicts with Post Excerpts which resulted in displaying bad content in certain situations.
  • Support for the Calendar plugin along with a custom plugin called CalendarPlus which sits on top of Calendar has been added.  If you need CalendarPlus, contact me as it isn’t available for download yet.
  • Facebook Connect integration added to the Meta widget.  If the Facebook Connect plugin is activated and initialized, the FB Connect login button or login status will display as part of the Meta widget.
10/9/2011 – 1.3 release
  • Updated to support WordPress 3.x.
  • Fixed issues with broken jQuery on Dashboard due to incompatibilities with current version of jQuery which is loaded by WordPress.

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