wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which supports the following features:

  • Electronic Registration for Parents and Swimmers
  • Each Swimmer can have two Parents or Guardians
  • Configurable custom fields for the Swim Team parent or guardian profile
  • Configurable custom fields for the Swimmer profile
  • Seamless integration with WordPress registration and login
  • Define and Manage Seasons
  • Define and Manage Age Groups
  • Define and Manage Opponent Profiles
  • Define and Manage Meet Schedule
  • Report Generator
  • CSV Export for Reports and Roster
  • SDIF (SD3) Export for Roster
  • Short Code for Google Maps
  • Short Code for Opponent Profiles
  • Short Code for Meet Schedule
  • Short Code for Flickr Photo Gallery
  • Volunteer Signup and Management
  • Opt-In/Opt-Out System for Meet Participation

7 thoughts on “Features

  1. Just listing some ideas for future features:
    GeoCode SwimTeam(s) address using GoogleMaps API (if a GoogleMap URL doesn’t exist)

    – Add a Meet summary: “Home or Away”, “Date”, “Special Instructions”

    – Allow for column control.
    – I have it displayed in a right column, but more info is there than can be displayed. I’d like to just be able to show Date and Home or Away..
    – Allow for Date Format (Currently seems forced to “Tue Jun 8, 2010” type of format. Could save some space on my column using 6/8/10 format.

  2. Hi there where would I find the how to use ? Is there anything?

  3. Hi, I had a look at the admin side but I want to look at it from a user perspective. I tried to register as a user but I couldn’t do it.

  4. Ok – logout and back in and your permissions will be reverted back to a normal user. You will then have the same access as a typical “parent” user would have.

  5. Feature Sugestion:
    The ability to setup a whole meet opt out, rather than by event!

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