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Several times a week I get requests to help people integrate WordPress Google Form with their site. To make it easier to help people and eliminate the need for people to post URLs and shortcodes in the comments, I have decided to use my own plugin (what a novel idea) to collect the information I always end up asking people for when they need help.

If you’d like me to look at your form to help figure out why it doesn’t look right or isn’t doing what you’d like it to do, please submit the following information. I will do my best to look at your problem as soon as I can but I cannot make any promises for turn-around time.

WordPress Google Form Help and Support
Do you need help with implementing WordPress Google Forms on your web site? I am happy to try and assist you however please understand, this plugin in a hobby project. I do my best to respond quickly however there are times when my job and other family obligations make it impossible to respond in a timely manner.
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