WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

  • wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin that extends WordPress with capabilities to manage a youth swim team.  The plugis is sufficiently large project that it has its own webs site at:  http://www.wp-swimteam.org
  • Calendar-Plus builds on Kieran O’Shea’s Calendar plugin to add some new functionality and tweak some of the existing functionality.  The most significant enhancement is the ability to instatiate multiple calendar instances whihc allows it to be added to a sidebar.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins

  1. Mike;

    Would your Swim-Team plugin work for a golf team? I need to have different fields and content with a profile photo.

    Kindly advise.


    • Possibly. The registration of golfers (swimmers) would be basically the same but some of the swim team stuff wouldn’t make sense. I suspect you could enter opponents and track scores without any issues. The functionality for events wouldn’t make sense but I think you could just skip it. There is the ability to define your own fields but none of them support a photo per se. You could use the standard WordPress use functionality to support a photo or use a custom field to hold a URL to a photo.

  2. Hello,

    I entered my blog name as “From Sender Name Override” but I still see WordPress as the sender name. Should I change anything else?


    • You can check to see if you have it set up correctly by enabling debug mode and taking a look at the email headers the plugin constructs. It will display them on the Dashboard when in debug mode. The displayed information is pretty raw but you should be able identify the from address. Some hosting providers will re-write the email address after WordPress hands it off to the underlying server. If your hosting provider does this you may need to use a SMTP plugin which uses sender authentication.

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