Google Forms v0.90 RC1 available

I have addressed what I hope is the last of the security concerns with Google Forms and resubmitted to for approval.  In the meantime, should anyone want early access to the next update, which includes some additional debug features as well as addressing the security concerns, you can download it here.

You can also find the current development version on GitHub.

Google Forms Beta (21769 downloads )

EDIT:  Due to forgetting to update the stable version tag, the version is now v0.91.

14 thoughts on “Google Forms v0.90 RC1 available

  1. Do you have a way to contact you regarding Google Forms?

    Is it possible to do something like this using your plugin.


    But needs to redirect to different page not the Google one.

    Let me know your thoughts.


    • The ability to redirect to another page on your web site is part of the plugin. When you define the form, you can setup a custom confirmation page URL. For the redirect to work correctly you have to make sure there are no (as in zero) Javascript errors on your page as they will prevent the jQuery script which does the redirect from firing.

    • I was going to reply that you needed to downgrade for your form but looking at it, it appears you have already done that. Your form looks ok to me, is it working now?

  2. I am having the same problem as ericjsamson with the latest version of wp 4.7.3. What do you mean by downgrade?
    Thanks a lot!

    • By “downgrade” I mean tksing advantage of the option Google provides when creating form to revert to their older version of Google Forms. Google drastically changed how forms are constructed and the new version is heavily dependent on Javascript processing of HTML DIV elements instead of utilizing standard HTML input elements as had been used previously. The plugin does not support the new forms so a form must be downgraded for the plugin to work. There are several posts (like this and this and this) on my site on how to do this and the plugin makes an attempt to identify when a form needs to be downgraded when it is setup in WordPress.

  3. Hi,

    I have found an issue on our website where we use this Google Forms plugin, once the user submits their information, it says that it went through but it doesn’t go to the prospected email that the data was supposed to be sent to, so we are losing out on a lot of customers.

    Do you know why the information may be sent to the emails we put in place even though they are clearly set up?

    The links in question are here:

    • The Google Forms plugin will send an email using wp_mail() to the address specified when the form is configured. There are a couple reasons why the email might not be received:

      1. The email is tagged as spam. This is actually fairly common on some sites where the headers stamped by the underlying mail system don’t match the from email address created by WordPress. Why it happens on some hosting platforms but not others I don’t know.
      2. Another plugin has overloaded the functionality of wp_mail() causing it not to work correctly with the Google Forms plugin. While this has happened, the likelihood is pretty small that this is the source. Easy to isolate though, temporarily disable all other plugins except Google Forms and see if the problem persists.

      One of the things you can employ to make email more reliable and remove the dependency on the underlying email system of the server is to use a STMP email plugin. There are several of these plugins and once configured, they typically route email through Gmail or another authenticated email system. They typically overload wp_mail() so when Google Forms uses wp_mail() the SMTP plugin actually handles the email task.

  4. Date field isn’t working for me for some reason.

  5. It was an error on my part. Thank you for responding.

  6. hey, BR tag not working for ‘chose from a list’ element (drop down).
    (google form options/ Insert tags between labels and input box)

    I have 6 of them in a colum and it looks realy messy .

    Am I missing something?


  7. yes and othervise it is an super great plugin!
    just need to start google form in old version.

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