WordPress Google Forms v0.87 released

This morning I released v0.87 of the Google Forms plugin.  This update includes a new check when saving a form definition.  The check scans the HTML from the form to ensure it has the proper HTML structure the plugin expects.

The new version of Google Forms is not supported by the plugin so this check ensures that a user is notified that the form isn’t of the expected format.


You can find this  updated on your WordPress Dashboard or in the WordPress plugin repository.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Google Forms v0.87 released

  1. I am pre-populating a form and sending users to the form with a pre-filled URL so they do not have to scroll through 600+ entries to pick the right one.

    When they finish entering a new note in their form, I would like to direct them to a separate google doc that shows their entry.

    Please forgive me of not first trying your add-on to see if this woudl work, but I have done so much and the form, scripts, sheets and other things are in a working environment that I do not want to disturb right now.

    My simple question is this, based on one selection in the form, can I send them to a URL that matches in a cross-referenced list?


    • Is your question about Google Forms in general or using Google Forms within WordPress? If it is a general Google Forms question, I think the only option you have is the confirmation content you define within Google Forms. I don’t believe you have any ability to redirect to another URL at all. Within the plugin, you can define a URL and in theory, that URL, which would be a page within your WordPress site, could contain some logic to do something based on the conditions. The WordPress site doesn’t know anything about the values submitted to the form so they aren’t available to use in decision making but it may be possible to do something else.

  2. Hi Mike,

    It seems like this plugin is no longer available… What’s the deal? I think it could be very useful for a project I’m working on now.


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