Where did Email Users go?

A week ago (July 19th) I was contacted by WordPress regarding a potential security flaw in Email Users. Email Users was “closed” (which is why it doesn’t show up at WordPress.org) until the security flaw was addressed and a new version of the plugin was tagged and release.

Due to some work issues, I did not have a chance to work on the plugin until this past weekend.  I have resolved the security concerns, committed all of the changes, and tagged a new release.  On July 26th (Sunday) I notified WordPress.org that everything (I know of) has been addressed.  At this point, I am waiting for the plugin to be opened again or notified that I’ve missed something.

I’ve uploaded v4.84. to my web site in the event anyone wants to download the update before WordPress.org makes it live again.

Email Users (2232 downloads )

7 thoughts on “Where did Email Users go?

  1. Cheers m8!
    Awesome plugin, Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Mike. I am wondering how Email Users works with other smtp plugin? For example, if I use a smtp service, will the Email Users follow the settings of the smtp plugin(you know: from address setting, sender name setting, smtp server setting etc.)?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. when i send a group message , it gone to junk mails for the Gmail users!

    • That is not a function of the Email Users plugin, that is a result of the the email headers constructed by sending email via WordPress through your hosting infrastructure. Google sees a mismatch between the header and the sending email address, decides something smells fishy, and marks the email as spam. The best way to avoid this problem is to add a SMTP plugin to your WordPress site that routes email through an authenticated email server connection.

  4. Currently, the Sender email is defaulting to the admin user. Would it be possible to allow the admin to select the sender address to a different address, say support, instead of using the default.

    • It defaults to the email address for the user profile currently logged in and using the Dashboard. There is a mechanism to define what Email Users calls a “Send User Override” address. It is on the settings page (Dashboard > Settings > Email Users). When it is set up, the from address will be presented as a dropdown the user can toggle between the user profile address and the override address.

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