Email Users v4.6.3-beta-2 available

In the process of working with a user providing a Dutch translation, I found a number of strings which were not properly set up for language translation.  This build provides no new functionality, only changes to support translation.

This build also replaces the French translation files with new ones as the files in the release could not be opened with Poedit nor would they be loaded by WordPress.  Not sure what happened but the files were corrupt.

Note:  Updated to beta-3 late in the afternoon on 12/30.

Email Users Beta (16520 downloads )

4 thoughts on “Email Users v4.6.3-beta-2 available

  1. I added support for paid memberships pro to this plugin, was wondering how I could go about getting it added back in? Should I email you the files I changed?

    • The best method is to send me a patch file using Subversion to generate the patch. If that isn’t possible, you can send me the files you’ve changed so I can do a diff against the current source. The only thing I ask is that you use a recent version of Email Users as the basis of your patch. If you send a patch or modification based on an older version it can be a challenge to fold the change in depending on how pervasive the changes are.

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