4 thoughts on “WordPress Google Forms V0.88-beta-3 Available

  1. Hi Michael! Thank you for the interesting functionality. I have not yet installed, but look forward to the last update, which will be approved by the WordPress security team. You’re cool. Thank you! Greetings from Russia)

  2. Hi Mike.

    Thanks for this. Any further news on approval by the WP security team?

    I have a question regarding form css and changing the look of the form on WordPress.

    I see in the Google Form Details section there is a field called Class and then another one called Form CSS.

    I have my form working (using the shortcode to display it) but it looks horrible, and nothing I add into the Form CSS field seems to work?

    Do you perhaps have any documentation anywhere on how this is supposed to work?

    • I submitted it again over the weekend and they flagged something else they want me to change. I have not had a chance to makes the changes they want but hope to do so in the next day or two.

      As for your questions – there is lots of information in the comments here on my web site and in the WordPress Support Forum (which is about impossible to find with the plugin de-listed). To define your own CSS you need to enable Custom CSS (Dashboard > Settings > Google Forms – look for the Custom CSS checkbox and make sure it is checked) and then define your CSS in the Form CSS field.

      The Class field is to help with CSS colisions in the event your theme defines CSS classes that have the same name as Google uses. For the most part Google prefixes their CSS classes but there are a few which they don’t (e.g. error-message). You probably don’t need to worry about this unless you find a conflict.

      I use Firebug (a Firefox plugin) to figure out CSS and identify CSS classes or selectors.

      • OK awesome. Thank you for coming back to me on this. I really appreciate it 🙂 Hope you manage to get the plugin relisted soon. Its a really handy tool.

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