Email Users 4.8.2 released

Last night I released Email Users 4.8.2. This version addresses the use of several WordPress deprecated function messages, support for custom email headers and footers, and adds a feature to allow the admin to hide the Email Users menus from non-admin users. Full details can be found in the Change Log.

26 thoughts on “Email Users 4.8.2 released

  1. He Mike, thanks for this update. Is it possible to make your plugin buddy press email compliant? This way it would be easy to use the buddy press templates! Best Regards from the Netherlands

  2. Hi Mike, yes I can .. best source see link below. Mass mailing is something the buddy press community wants for a long time (and won’t be implemented). The templates provide types of mail and mostly styling.

  3. Hi Mike,
    sorry fow post here, i’m not found quickly other way…

    I had problem with send emails to users witch are in UAM groups assigned by WP roles, not directly to user.

    I change SQL “integration\user-access-manager.php” on line 58.

    $query = $wpdb->prepare(”
    FROM {$wpdb->prefix}prefixusers a
    LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}uam_accessgroup_to_object b ON = b.object_id AND b.object_type != ‘role’
    LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}accessgroup_to_object c ON c.object_type = ‘role’ AND EXISTS (SELECT user_id FROM {$wpdb->prefix}usermeta WHERE meta_key = ‘wp_capabilities’ AND meta_value LIKE concat(‘%\”‘,c.object_id,’\”%’) AND user_id = a.ID)
    WHERE b.group_id IN (” . $in . “) OR c.group_id IN (” . $in . “)”, $uam_ids) ;

    Maybe help …

    • I finally had a chance to look at this suggestion. I have added it to the Email Users UAM integration PHP file however I have commented it out and left a note that it may be a solution for sites which employ roles. In my own UAM testing, it was not working but I do not have a role manager plugin in place. I am simply using UAM to put users into groups. It will be included in v4.8.5.

  4. Hi Michael,

    first of all, let me say what a great work your plugin is! Specially on the notification messages it does such an awesome job!! Thank you for that.

    A little trickier seems to be the mass mail (send to users) section. I have read some comments and know that (for now?) there is no functionality to keep email templates similar to the wonderful method you implemented with notification messages (where the message once customized remains stored).

    So every time I return to the “send to users” section the field here are again like a virgin. Empty. All work has to be done again.

    Ok, you suggested to keep a copy of the (html) mail in a post somewhere. Could there be imaginable a better process? Can I for now somewhere introduce into your php files a “content” variable similar to notification variables (so awesome this feature!!) for this field?

    And then I experimented some strange issues with html mails inserted into the “send to users” mail field. I took perfectly formatted html mails (exact copies of well tested mailChimp templates i.g.) pasted them there and send it. They arrive (I use Mac Mail) with lots of extra vertical spaces introduced between section and mainly a the top of the email.

    I am perfectly aware about the tricky things about html emails. But I assume that an exact copy of a mailChimp template should do the job in a quite good way.

    I noted when I look at the raw code of my mail that your plugin somehow inserted some title information into the mail form the header part (which also seems to create the extra spaces). Do you know anything about that issue? Is there a way to adapt the php code that you did? Any ideas?

    I would so much love to keep on using your plugin but I don’t know how to handle the html emails. For my client needs a very small “newsletter” service to a small number of recipients and I would hate to install an overweight thing like “Newsletter“ plugin to do the job that is only centimeter away from what I already achieved with your awesome plugin!

    Any feedback is much appreciated. We may also discuss a payed support, no problem for me!

    Thanks again for your awesome work!


    • I’ve sat on your comment for a long time, I apologize. It scrolled off the screen of my Dashboard and I simply forgot about it.

      I think the answer to your question about using the HTML templates is to look into the “mailusers_html_wrapper” filter which allows you to change the behavior of the HTML normally added to an email. There is an example included in Email Users in the examples directory. I am pretty sure this will do what you want.

      As for the storing of template text for emails, it still isn’t clear to me why the existing post won’t work. You could put your entire newsletter content in a post and then use the Post Notification feature to distribute it to your users. Technically, I suppose it would be possible to create a custom post type to store an email template and then use it for the basis of an email. I don’t want to commit to doing this as my available time to work on WordPress plugins these days is pretty limited due to commitments with my job.

  5. Hey Mike– I’m taking over a website for a client and they use Email Users. I have a few questions as I’m new to the plugin
    1) where do I go to get the update
    2) How do I properly request support ?


    • You receive updates via the WordPress Dashboard. If there is an update available, WordPress will show the plugin needs to be updated on the Dashboard > Updates menu. Support can be obtained by posting to the WordPress Support forum (but it there is a problem right now with the listing on I need to fix).

    • I was notified a few hours ago that has identified a security problem and asked me to fix it. Until it is fixed, the plugin is delisted. WordPress appears to be doing a very deep security analysis. They found some stuff last week which I fixed right away.

      • Ah, okay. Thanks for the update, Mike. Security issues with the plugin or with the plugin landing page? Really wish they didn’t take down all of your previous versions as well :/

        • Security concern with the plugin itself. WordPress will delist a plugin if a security concern is raised until it is addressed and then the plugin will reappear in the plugin repository. I’ve read through their concern and I should be able to fix it pretty quickly this weekend, just been crazy at work so the non-work hobby work has to wait …

  6. Tried a view times to leave a comment here without appearing. Why? If you didn’t like my comment, please notify me so I could stop trying. Thanks.

    • I have your comments – I typically don’t approve them until I have time to answer them and you have posed several questions which don’t have simple answers. I will answer, you’ll just have give me some time.

      • Ah ok! Thanks for notice. I already discovered that the html email problems around the extra added spaces came from wpautop which is relatively easy to avoid by modifying one of the php files. Great work! Hope it will be listed again soon.

        • Thanks for the update. There is an Email Users setting to control wpautop as it pertains to Email Users. Did you try turning it off?

          Email Users wpautop Setting

          • Hello Mike! Thanks for reply! Yes, it is unchecked in my settings!

            And then there was also the blog name visible in the right corner in email when received in mail program (tested Mac Mail)
            I changed first part of the problem in your email_users_send_user_mail.php by simply omitting this code part

            // Do some HTML homework if needed // CHANGED HERE!
            /*if ($mail_format==’html’) {
            $mail_content = wpautop($mail_content);

            Second problem solved by stupid CSS hack in my html mail head 😉
            display:none ! important;
            Only small problems persist in my mail footer where some social images are a little shifted to the top. Sending the exact same construct through mailChimp doesn’t do this. Strange.

            I love your plugin. Would love to have exact the same saved customize mail section as you have so brilliantly done with the notification part. This is awesome part! I love the variables being used from post!

            Thanks again.

          • Oh, sorry I have to correct! The part with the blog name in mail was my fault!! I did put it at first in the notification header field. Simply forget that!!

  7. Hi. The plugin now dont appear in the directory of wordpress. What happen?

    I really liked that plugin, because let you to notify to your users when you put new content in your site.

    It is possible that you can put here for download?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Dude why can’t I find your plugin in anymore?
    Even your changelog link is broken too!

  9. hi,

    Thank you so much for your plugin.

    Is there a possibility to have a Front end for it as most user on our site get very confused when confronted with wordpress back end.

    A simple box to select group or user and a message box is all we would need

    • This request comes up from time to time and unfortunately, it isn’t something I plan to do. It isn’t because I don’t think it is useful or a good idea. When you enable plugins on the front end you end up dealing with all sorts of theme inconsistencies which result in functionality not working as expected or in some cases, not working at all. It results in a much higher support burden for me and often times there is nothing I can do without access to the theme. I have another plugin where I deal with this sort of issue all the time. 90% of the time the problem is due to the theme and not the plugin. If it was as simple as introducing a couple of short codes I would have done so but it is more involved than that.

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