wpGForm v0.11 beta update

This morning I posted an updated wpGForm v0.11 beta release.  This updated beta introduces two new shortcode attributes:

  • title=’on|off’ – Show (default) or remove the Google Form title.  The title is often redundant with the WordPress post or page title, this attribute will allow you to remove the title from the HTML displayed within the WordPress context.
  • maph1h2=’on|off’ – Map H1 elements (usually just the title) on the Google Form to H2 elements.  This allows you to retain the form title from the Google Form but map it’s H1 tags to H2 tags which prevents multiple H1 tags from appearing on the WordPress page (which I understand is an SEO no-no).

This build also includes default CSS definitions for div.ss-q-help classes.  Why the help text appears adjacent to the question as opposed to on top of it is a question comes up pretty frequently.  This CSS makes the output more consistent with how Google presents the form so I’ve decided it should be the default.

label.ss-q-help {
    display: block;

I’ve also started removing debug and obsolete code.


9 thoughts on “wpGForm v0.11 beta update

  1. Hi Mike!

    Does the 0.12 update include the beta stuff?
    If so, I have a few comments on the behavior… if not, where can I download the beta version to test? I am thrilled to getthis update in place and start playing.

  2. Ok…

    Multi-page form is set up in Google Docs – tags set up to grab the form into my WordPress Post.

    Multi-pages are successfully linked. The “continue” button at the bottom of the form correctly passes on to the next page. If I use a form with conditional “paging” (i.e. if the user answered A, go to page 2, otherwise go to page 3) it seems to work correctly.

    However, if I use the “Back” button on subsequent pages, the form does not appear to remember my previous answers. (all questions which are radio or checkboxes on previous pages are blank – although text boxes remain filled in)

    • second note- for some reason the “other” option is dropping down to a new line from the checkbox/radio button for the option.

      This is what Google shows me if I use an iframe:
      [ ] Other

      this is what happens with the import
      [ ]

    • Can you send me a link to your form? What I suspect is happening is the ids of the input fields is getting munged and my process of fixing them has a mistake in it which is why some of the fields persist and some don’t.

  3. hmmmm…. doesn’t appear to be completely fixed in v0.15

    On the first page, I enter values for all of the fields, text, radio and checkbox.
    Go to the next page
    go back to the first page
    the field with 9 radios has switched to “other”(option 9) (I had originally chosen option 1) — This same “select option 9” occurs if I select NONE of the options, then continue, then go back….
    the checkboxes are still being erased.
    Oddly enough: The yes/no radio buttons and the radio buttons with 5 options both get preserved.

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