phpHtmlLib is now a WordPress plugin

The overhaul of phpHtmlLib is largely complete, I just need to validate a few more things before I call it done.  One of the things I did during the overhaul was to add some things to the library so it will load as a WordPress plugin.  This will make installation and configutation much easier.  The changes to phpHtmlLib made the migration from PEAR to the WordPress database abstraction class much easier.

Significant change to the Database Class

Getting a demo up and running on a new host has been very enlightening.  I have used the PEAR DB class for years because it works well and is usually available.  The host which is being used for the demo site doesn’t appear to have the PEAR DB class installed so this has motivated me to migrate the SwimTeamDBI class to make use of the builtin WordPress database access class instead of depending on PEAR.  I have considered doing this for a while but have put it off but it looks like it is time to deal with it.

My intial impression is it should not be to much of a change as my current database class abstracts the PEAR aspect away from the rest of wp-SwimTeam.  The bigger concern is the phpHtmlLib widgets which also depend on PEAR.   Those will need attention and I suspect I will end up implementing a new database abstraction class for WordPress as part of phpHtmlLib.

I have been doing a lot of work on phpHtmlLib over the last week and for the most part, it appears to be done.  All of the changes allow phpHtmlLib to now be loaded as a WordPress plugin which is much easier to support.