wp-SwimTeam v1.30.906 addresses entries export bug

In the processes of getting ready for our first meet I found some swimmers who had scratched still appeared in the entries SDIF file.  Odd, this isn’t supposed to be.  Looking into the problem I found that only Freestyle was being processed correctly, all other strokes were not being recognized for Opt-In or Opt-Out.

I have fixed this bug and uploaded a new version as well as pushed it to the WordPress plugin repository.

4 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.30.906 addresses entries export bug

  1. What web host do you use? Mine keeps giving me a error saying, I am trying to acces a file out of my base_dir path.

  2. I just had to change the place where wp-swimteam was storing the temp file!

    • What did you have to change? I’ve not run into a problem with PHP temporary files as that is something typically set in the web server’s PHP.ini file. If it is something configurable, I am happy to look into it.

  3. You should add an option to change where TMP files are stored

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