Beta build of v1.32 available

This evening I posted an early build of wp-SwimTeam v1.32.  You can download and manually install it if you would like to try it.  This build introduces new SQL to address some pretty serious performance problems querying user data as it relates to swimmers.

For several weeks our Swim Team Chair has been telling me there is a problem with the Job Commitment Report.  I have been chasing this problem only to have it “go away” and start working correctly.  I finally figure out that it was related to the large number of users registered with the site (we have almost 300).  I was able  replicate the problem by creating a large number of dummy users in my development database.  The manifestation of the problem was most evident on the Job Commitments Report.  The page would “go away” and give the appearance of a hung process. In some cases the report would finish but might take 4-5 minutes (ugh), in others it would timeout and return an error.

I had to solve a similar problem for the Email Users plugin last week so once I figured that one out, it dawned on me what the problem with wp-SwimTeam might be.  Fixing it in wp-SwimTeam is a little more involved because of the database table relationships are a little more complicated.  I’ve learned a lot about JOIN ON this week and this beta release represents completely new SQL for querying user data.

I’ve been through all of the tabs and forms at least once but there is a chance I’ve missed something.  I am running this beta build on the MacDolphins web site and if I don’t run into anything over the next few days, I’ll go ahead and release it.

Download:  [download#14]

If you run into any problems, please let me know.  I’d like to release this update in the next day or so.

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