Standard Event functionality completed

This afternoon I committed a bunch of changes which complete (I hope) the standard event functionality.  Standard Events are the events a team would typically run at every meet.  I envision them being set up for a team’s home pool so the course should be set to match the home pool but it is up to the end user.  Once defined, the meets can be reordered to match the typical order of events.

The next phase will allow creating of meet specific meets and the standard events can be used to initialize the events for a meet.  When creating meet events, the the course for the pool is different than the standard events, the meet events will be adjusted acordingly.  This will allow a team with a home pool in meters to easily set up a meet at yards pool – if the same events are used in the same order, it will be a simple task.

Once the events are created for meet, the order can be changed on a per meet basis and other events can be added or deleted.

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